Nuku Hiva - The Estate





                             This idyllic place has been converted into a refuge where one can switch off from the stress

 of everyday life.

                   The spectacular landscape imposes a concept of pure lines and simple spaces that stand out

 in their surroundings, linking past and present on the island.




              Standing on a hillside with views over the Mediterranean and the Golden Islands, the villa is made

 up one level. Its design is elegant without being ostentatious and its pure lines make for outstanding



               Outdoor area includes one spacious terrace with spectacular views over the sea and Port Cros

 island. The house is protected bty a wooded area. The stone walls form a new arrangement of terraces and

 delimit the different areas, allowing the native vegetation to grow in the spaces between them.




              The spectacular landscape imposes a concept of pure lines and simple spaces that stand out in their

 surroundings, linking past and present on the island.





   The external look of the villa, with the same colour of the local stone, thus blending the architectural

 volume with the surrounding landscape and reflecting the concept of integrated architecture. In fostering

 energy efficiency and blurring any artificial boundaries between the building and the surrounding

 landscape, this bioclimatic architecture has managed to draw natural light into the building while avoiding

 the harshness of the sun, and to take advantage of the favourable climate through: the integration of the

 construction into the slopes, the wood structure of the building, the natural thermal insulation, the solar

 hot water, the rainwater recovery, the dry toilet, plant water purification,  



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Nuku Hiva - The Estate
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