Levant's island





               Le Levant is a long, narrow rocky ridge, 8 by 1.2 km (5 miles by 1300 yds). Almost completely

 protected by steep cliffs around the shoreline, there are only two points of access: Avis inlet, on the north

 shore near the center, and Aiguade, at the western end where the ferry docks. The small village includes a

 post office, school, some shops, lodging and restaurants, but no bank.


               Levant island actually looks less wild from the boat, because of several houses on the slopes at the

 western end, but it is an island of nature, from the extensive flora to the life style. Covered with superb

 and generous vegetation, the island of Raising resembles as soon as one approaches it with a true

 terrestrial paradise.



 Port, a shuttle will await you on the quay to lead you until your place of stay. If you are not too

 charged with luggage you will be able to go up to foot to the village by a long staircase (on the left of the

 port) which is prolonged by a coast nicely called "the Prospect". Walk is stiff and hard approximately 20

 minutes to the village but it is a true happiness: you will discover the superb gardens of the inhabitants of

 the island where cane-apple bushes, cacti, palm trees, flowered plants, wild flowers and giant fatty plants

 are declined in a scientist mixes colors. With each step, you will want to turn over you to admire the

panoramic sight offered on the sea, of the hedges of jasmine, which embaument the very whole island, will

 guide you to the village while the songs of some merry birds of the south will accompany you and will give

 already the impression to you to have arrived on an extraordinary island, worthy of the tropical paradises.



Arrived at the small village of the Cane-apple bushes, you will discover a small place made of two superb

 and comfortable coffee terraces which are held face to face, a bakery, a grocer, a little further the town

 hall, the post office, the school… and a few meters higher the church. (Of other trade are with your

 provisions on the island…)


               In the north of the village, the voluntary natural reserve of the Cane-apple bushes culminates in the

 summit meeting of the island with 130 Mr. You will be able to make the superb ones stroll (or jogging)

 through the "natural path" marked out in the medium of the wooded and undulating maquis which go down

 towards the rock coast and to discover many rare species of fauna and the flora of the littoral. You will

 benefit from points of fabulous sights and imposing landscapes fragrant by the gasoline of Mediterranean’s





         The conditions met on the island of Raising are ideal: the softness of the climate with more than 300

 days of sun per annum, exuberant nature, the clearness of the funds under sailors, the fine of the beach,

 and of course sand an exceptional quality of the air. It should be stressed that very few individual cars

 circulate on the island… only the song of the cicadas will be able to possibly disturb the softness of living

 which reigns on the island.




         The island visits itself all the year, a good period is from April to June, there are many flowers, a green

 vegetation, few tourists and the beach practically with you only for the first sun baths. In July and August,

 you will appreciate the small sea air which will enable you to support heat, the night life will be animated

 also there (discotheque, piano bar, concerts…). The sea will be hot but there will be crowded on the beach

 and the vegetation of the island will be drier. From September to semi October you will be able to still

 benefit from beautiful days of sun and you will find calms peaceful island. Even in winter, it is seldom cold.




Levant's island
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